Bookshelf spotlight: Age of Five

After reading The Black Magician by Trudi Canavan, I went looking for what else she had written, and borrowed her Age of Five trilogy from my local library. Wow, just wow. I loved so much about this series and have since purchased my own copies and reread them a couple of times. It’s also one that I recommend a lot. I don’t currently have my copy of book one, Priestess of the White, as a friend is reading it.

First, I have to say that this series is Trudi Canavan’s best (though I haven’t yet read Millenium’s Rule). It starts of with Auraya. She is raised in a small village and while she has a firm belief in the gods and religion of the land, she has a friendship with a Dreamweaver. One day, she comes to the attention of the priesthood and the voices of the gods, through her dealings with people taking her village hostage. This leads to her entering the priesthood and just ten years after her entry, she is raised to the White, becoming the fifth and final member of the highest rank. Auraya faces some challenges in her new role. She is the youngest, and was raised the quickest, and she has a tolerance and friendship towards Dreamweavers that her fellow Whites do not have. But she also has a talent for negotiation and a unique power that makes her critical for some of their responsibilities.

There are five Gods to the Circlians, and they speak to the White, giving direction on how to lead the land. They also provide great magical power to each of the White. It is understood that these are the last five living gods after the War of Gods. So when a heathen land in the south that worships five, obviously false gods, invades the land (I think from a position of wanting to bring their gods to the heathen lands to the north), there is a feeling that they cannot lose, as they have the power of true gods on their side.

In this series, we learn a lot about the Circlians and the White, but also about the Pentadrians to the south. We read about the persecution of the Dreamweavers and Wilds by the Circlians. We meet a delightful race of small winged people, the Siyee. And most of all we see that not all is what it seems.

I can’t tell you any more about the series without risk of spoiling your enjoyment. All I can say is that this series is a must read. You will rejoice and you will be heart broken. Some events and reveals you may see coming, others you may not – and those that you see coming are generally ones you are meant to, so you can then have the additional knowledge as you see events unfold and characters learn things. Kind of like knowing a car crash is about to happen, then standing back and watching how it plays out.

I love how the themes of politics, religion, persecution and defence of one’s home is covered. The characters are built so well, and you will come to feel strong emotions towards them and both their actions and what situations they are involved in. Do yourself a favour and dive in.


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