Bookshelf spotlight: The Celestial Triad

I enjoyed The Ancient Future by Traci Harding enough to pick up the sequel trilogy, The Celestial Triad. Knowing how the earlier series ended, I was intrigued where she would (or could) go next with this story.

I remember that I enjoyed this series, though not as much as the first trilogy. And with my memory being no longer what it was, and having only read it once, about 12-15 years ago after I started having those memory issues, I have very little recall of what this series is about. I think this series is a mix of the “now” (the chosen ones being on their new planet) and the past (as past lives and the alternate history of Britain has always been a key part of the story). From memory, I think there is also a thread related to the elevation of the two halves of the chosen one pairs, similar to what we saw at the end of The Ancient Future. But for now, I’m going to have to rely on the blurb for book one.

The children of the Chosen Ones have been tutored in the origins of their kindred by myself, Noah Purcell, the author and keeper of the ancient records.

Since landing on Kila I have been dedicated to compiling a complete history of every branch of the Serpent’s family tree. My ‘Chronicle of Ages’ is a full account of the life and times of all the Chosen Ones, or so I thought – until the discovery that three key eras were missing from the Dragon’s family line.

Little did I realise when volunteering to chase up these tales, that I would be enlightened to my own soul-quest and made privy to the true history and purpose of all the Chosen Ones.

If you have read and enjoyed The Ancient Future, it is definitely worth picking up The Celestial Triad to continue the story of Tory and the team. But if you haven’t read the first series, you’ll be confused I think.

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