Working holiday

It’s Easter long weekend and many are chilling out, or adventuring, just generally enjoying the long weekend. Me? I thought I’d rearrange furniture and rip up carpet 😆.

We had a little chill in the air at one point on Saturday so I swung the dining table around so that there was room to move my two swivel chairs into the bay window space. This is the spot in the house that will get the sun whenever it is out, so will be a good spot to sit and warm in the autumn and winter sun as the temperature continues to drop.

Two swivel chairs in the bay window area

If you look closely in the top right hand corner, you can see this spot also has the best view in the house. Yep, that is Lake Rotorua making a cameo appearance in this pic. It’s quite nice to sit here, enjoy the sun and look out at the lake.

I then started the task of removing all of the carpet in the lounge and dining area. I was going to start with the dining room, and made the initial cuts in the carpet, but it looks like some of the lino was lifted, some left, and there’s a weird cement-like substance on large parts of the floor. I thought all of the lino was there after spying it under the carpet on one side, but apparently not. Looks like the carpet will need to stay there a little longer until I have saved up enough to deal with whatever I find underneath.

So I moved on to the lounge instead. This first chunk was just removing the carpet that wasn’t underneath furniture. I’ll move some items off the carpet when I do part two. For now though, it’s looking pretty good.

First part of the lounge carpet removed

Especially the run down the back of the couch from the lounge entrance.

Beautiful matai wood floors exposed

Ripping up the carpet and the underlay is the quick and easy part. It’s getting out the staples and pulling up the tack strip edging that takes the time and effort. But it is well worth it to get rid of the ugly, stained and smelly carpet!

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