WOLAS (re)read – Month 3

I’m loving my (re)read of Wars of Light and Shadow and am looking forward to diving into book three this month. This intro to The Warhost of Vastmark is spoiler free, but as it is the third book in a series, and I am including a small wrap up of where book two ended, it may contain information you don’t want to know if your haven’t reached this book yet. If that’s the case, go to this page where I’m linking all of my intro and discussion posts for this (re)read, so you can see where you are up to.

Warhost of Vastmark by Janny Wurts

At the end of The Ships of Merior, Arithon had managed to destroy Lysaer’s fleet with a minimal loss in life, and without completely giving in to the curse thanks to Jaelot standing at the ready. Unfortunately, Arithon’s message that he was trying to avoid war and more loss of life, at the behest of the curse, went unheeded and silenced thanks to Lysaer’s right hand man. And while Arithon was needing to buy some time so that he could finish building the ships he needed to be able to disappear from the continent, the Koriani sent a vengeful captain in his direction, who torched the completed hull further weakening Arithon’s chance to avoid another war. Lysaer disbanded most of his army, but was set to start the overland march in pursuit of Arithon. Book three picks up very shortly after this.

Conflict builds between two half-brothers laid under a lifelong curse of enmity. Lysaer, statesman and prince, has accomplished the impossible and united disparate factions into a unified force. His warhost now moves to entrap its prey: Arithon, known as Master of Shadow, whose life has become the fragile cipher that will determine the course of the world’s destiny. On Arithon rests the forest clans’ hope of survival, and the promise of the Fellowship Sorcerers’ reunification. While the Koriani enchantresses fear him as the force that could shape their Prime Matriarch’s band and their order’s ultimate downfall.

If you have a hard cover edition of The Ships of Merior, it contains Warhost of Vastmark too. It is only split into two volumes for paperback.


  1. you will be pleased to know that i have been like engrossed in the fantasy genre and really finding my feet and doing a load of research. and recently i came across someone selling copies of this series cheap. not every single book. but i managed to get 5 of them. so im going to give them ago. i think i found i like series more as it gives more world building which helps me picturing things a lot easier. and it is all thanks to you and your blog posts i’m diving into this genre so thank you 🙂

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    • I’m so happy you’ll be trying out this series. I hope you go back to each of my discussion posts and share your own thoughts when you read each. Which ones do you have? I pretty sure my local second hand has some of them for $5 each – I can see if they have any you need.
      Also, am so happy you are enjoying fantasy. Every time I take a break from it, I wonder why when I come back and am reminded why it is my favourite genre.


      • i got book1, 3, 4,5,6 so missing some still. and managed to get them all in that old overs which is kind of cool. that will be great if you managed to see some that im missing


      • I’m know my local has Ships of Merior (book 2), or had it when I was in last weekend. Am planning to pop in next weekend, so will check for you then, including what others they have.


      • oh that would be awesome! thanks. would you also be able to see if they have Silverhtorn – Raymond Feist. managed to get this series cheap too but missing this one LOL


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