The week that was

At work, we used to have a weekly email from the higher up(s) summarising the week, title “The week that was”, or TWTW. I thought it might be fun to look back on my week sometimes and do my own version.

On Monday, thanks to cancelled flights, I had to hang out at Rotorua airport all day. Thankfully they have a “business hub” where I could sit with my laptop until it ran out of battery (with a charger each end, I don’t bother to travel with one as I don’t need to. Usually šŸ˜†). Turning off Wifi bought me a lot of time, but despite that, I ran out with 2 hours to go so took time to actually pay attention to the airport history wall. There were photos of the first planes landing, when it was all still grass, and a float plane. But this photo caught my eye the most. The tarmac is now much more developed, and the runway extends quite a bit further, and we no longer have the float plan ramp. Bummer. The weekly commute would be much more enjoyable on a float plane. And if it docks into the Wellington harbour front, that would be nice and handy to work too – no need for an airport bus.

Aerial view of Rotorua airport in 1967

I was going to try and catch up with a friend in Wellington on Tuesday night, but she ditched me for a meeting with the other Ockham judges to decide which of the fiction finalists was going to be the winner. Rude šŸ˜†. Instead I spent the evening reading one of the finalists that I’d started on my flight down (Better the Blood). After a text conversation trying to get her to tell me her favourite. Which she said she’d tell me on the 18th (the winner being announced the evening of the 17th). Doubly rude šŸ˜†. During the conversation I got the bright idea to try and read all four fiction finalists before the announcement so I could pick my winner before the judges announced theirs. I mean, I was going to read all 4 books anyway. I had only bought two of them though, so picked up the third (The Axeman’s Carnival) at Unity books before coming home.

Wellington’s famous windy weather reared its head with a vengeance on Wednesday, picking up with strong gales as I was due to head to the airport to fly home. I was worried that the flight would be cancelled, especially after seeing the state of the waves from the window at the gate. Thankfully it was just delayed, because the high winds limited which gates could be used. We left Wellington to its wintry weather and landed to a beautiful evening in Rotorua. Followed by two gorgeous days. I spent quite a bit of time working from the dining table so that I could enjoy the sun and the view.

There was some jealousy from my colleagues who saw me wearing short sleeves with blue sky behind me in zoom calls, while they were rugged up in heavy woollen jumpers. Rotorua for the win šŸ™‚.

Shadow likes to keep me company when I’m working, so much of the time she was curled at my feet.

This weekend I’m thinking of picking up some fruit trees and starting to plant the orchard (aka, my front garden). Or ripping up the carpet in the dining room. If I can overcome the temptation to just be lazy.

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