Bookshelf spotlight: Catch Us the Foxes

This week’s instalment of Murder/Mystery Monday is a book club pick from 2021 that I still haven’t gotten around to reading, but I was pretty bad with keeping up with book club that year: Catch Us the Foxes by Nicola West. Another Australian author. During the height of the Covid disruptions 2020-22, we were reading more New Zealand and Australian authors. A positive of the highly disrupted global shipping was that there were proportionally more New Zealand and Australian books in the shops as it was easier to get these from the publishers. Yes there were disruptions in shipping between New Zealand and Australia, but no where near as bad as between us and the rest of the world.

Catch Us the Foxes by Nicola West

As I haven’t read it yet, you again only get the book blurb. But it probably describes itself better than I would anyway.

Ambitious young journalist Marlowe ‘Lo’ Robertson would do anything to escape the suffocating confines of her small home town. While begrudgingly covering the annual show for the local newspaper, Lo is horrified to discover the mutilated corpse of her best friend – the town’s reigning showgirl, Lily Williams.

Seven strange symbols have been ruthlessly carved into Lily’s back. But when Lo reports her grisly find to the town’s police chief, he makes her promise not to tell anyone about the symbols. Lo obliges, though it’s not like she has much of a choice – after all, he is also her father.

When Lily’s murder makes headlines around the country and the town is invaded by the media, Lo seizes the opportunity to track down the killer and make a name for herself by breaking the biggest story of her life.

What Lo uncovers is that her sleepy home town has been harbouring a deadly secret, one so shocking that it will captivate the entire nation.

Lo’s story will change the course of her life forever, but in a way she could never have dreamed of.

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