Appreciating being home

This week was a long week with a lot to do at work and overnight meetings, but despite all that it has been a great week. Yes, I’ve been tired (even more than usual) but I’m loving life – the trips to Wellington each Monday are worth being able to return home to Rotorua every Wednesday evening. This week, as the days are shortening, and before the return of our stolen hour next weekend, sunset coincides with when my flight is due in. And this week, with a clear evening, we were greeted with this beautiful sight from the plane as we were waiting to disembark.

Sunset over Lake Rotorua, from the airport

How lucky am I to live in such a beautiful place. This was a wonderful sight to say Welcome Home.

This weekend, since the main clean up of the front garden is complete, I decided to start the face lift. No, not planting – I was supposed to start that but decided I was too tired and that could be a job for next weekend. Instead I set out the solar lights I picked up as something fun in the first big (and expensive) visit to Bunnings I made shortly after returning, to get essentials to start fixing the house.

Front garden with solar lights set out

I could have gotten standard white lights, but the “colour changing” label caught my eye and felt just fun enough to balance some of the negativity on my return. I admit, I thought I could manually change and set the colour. Not quite. So the result is a little more fun than I had intended. I’m sure the neighbours will think I am nuts (or have reverted to a five year old), but it’s fun and is one small step to reclaim my home from the nasty tenants.

As it got darker, the colour changing became a little faster, but this video, while it was still light, was clearer. Some of them aren’t in the ground quite straight, but that’s because I was using my foot to insert the ground stakes, rather than a rubber mallet as suggested (not having a mallet but having a foot). But hey, I’m a little crooked too.


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