Taming the jungle

It may seem odd that I put a post about the back yard into the Renovations category, but given just how much work had to be done, and what we started off with, it technically was a renovation.

After many failed attempts at getting someone local to come and deal with the mess that I came home to in the garden (or even getting back to me), I had tackled most of the front yard on my own, and decided that was bad enough and I didn’t want to deal with the back. Thankfully, the son of my flatmate was willing to come up for the weekend to do it. It was a long, hot weekend and a tiring job for him. He managed to really break the back of the work that needed to be done and you can really see the difference.

Here’s what he started with.

And here’s what it looked like when he was finished.

There’s still a load of rubbish to be cleared out, and those two big vegetable gardens along the back fence to be restored. I know they are full of rubbish and one side has also been invaded with convolvulus, so that will be fun. Plus there are still more big rocks to find that were removed from the raised garden in my front yard (which is no longer a raised garden as there are no rocks holding it up) to be found, and I need to remove the concrete circles that had been removed from other places in the garden where they had been ringing established trees, and have been sat in the most random spot in the middle of the back yard for no apparent reason. But despite the large amount of work still ahead, it’s looking much more manageable. Maybe I’ll even be able to get a small patch cleared in time to plant some winter veg.


  1. holy, he has done a massive job. that was a bonus your flattie son handy on the gardening LOL it is looking great!


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