Bookshelf spotlight: In Her Blood

With most of my read murder/mystery books in storage, for Murder/Mystery Monday of Bookshelf Spotlight, you’re pretty much only going to get unread books from my shelves. But there are plenty of those to work through 😆.

This week’s book is the second one of this author that I own, and her latest release: In Her Blood by Nikki Crutchley.

In Her Blood by Nikki Crutchley

Nikki is the author of To The Sea, that I posted about a few weeks ago. This one is also about family, but in a very different way to the last one.

Jac Morgan never planned on going back to her hometown. Seven years after the fatal house fire that branded Jac a killer she’s back – but for only one reason. Her sister, Charlie, has gone missing. Jac doesn’t believe her sister would ever run away – instead, sh is certain the answer to Charlie’s disappearance lies somewhere in the town.

Because twenty-one years ago, another teenage girl went missing. Paige Gilmore, the beautiful and talented daughter of the hotel’s owner, Iris Gilmore, disappeared on the annual Gilmore Hotel Open Day, As Jac starts the search for Charlie, she is drawn to the Gilmore Hotel – the haunted house of her childhood, a place that holds its own secrets and mysteries. And as Jac desperately huts for answers to Charlie’s disappearance, another Open Day looms and she begins to realise everyone at the hotel has a secret – and someone is willing to kill to keep the truth from coming out.

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