Bookshelf spotlight: Fifty Fifty

I didn’t realise when I picked up Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh that it was in a series centred around a detective, Eddie Flynn. Let alone that it was book 5 in the series. This is a standalone book though, and I didn’t feel that I missed anything or enjoyed it less for not having read the previous 4 books. Though it did interest me in getting the back catalogue, as I’m sure both those books would be excellent, and it would be fun to flesh out the back story of Eddie Flynn.

I leant my copy to my father back in 2021 and haven’t gotten it back from him yet, so alas, downloaded internet image of the cover is all you get today.

Two 911 calls are made from the same house, around the same time. Two sisters are calling, both telling stories of how their sister is killing (has killed?) their father. But which sister is telling the truth? Obviously one of them is the killer and was very clever about covering her tracks and getting the blame thrown on the other. I admit, I kept changing my mind on which one it was throughout the book. Steve Cavanagh does a superb job of keeping you guessing. But it’s not just not knowing which one was the killer that makes this book one I would highly recommend, it’s how the events surrounding their trial unfold.

I can’t say any more as it will spoil it for you – it really is best going into this book knowing as little as possible. This book has been out for quite some time now, but if it hasn’t popped up on your radar, or is sitting, waiting, in your TBR – go read it now đŸ™‚

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