December wrap-up

If you saw my November crafty wrap-up, you may be expecting to see that I did the borders of my black, white and green quilt. Yeah, nah. I was just feeling too lazy to make the templates. Plus I knew it would be boring. And now my black fabric is packed away into plastic tubs piled behind a whole lot of heavy boxes and suitcases. So it will now have to wait until February. I’m ok with that, though it does also mean a delay in the start of my Saltwater quilt.

So instead I focused on my William Morris Galaxy.

I added the light blue to finish the last two blocks from the snake fabric.

Fully finished the blocks of the other fabric you saw from November.

And fully made 6 blocks from a new central fabric. I’m not sure I like the blue/teal used on the far left – it doesn’t work quite as well as the coral in the same print – but I didn’t want to undo and resew them. I’ll just make sure not to use it again in the quilt if I can avoid it, and be careful with block placement.

I’m very much loving the patterns that I’m getting with the stars. Especially from fabric that I didn’t think would be that good. I keep changing my mind which is my favourite.

And as you’ll have seen from the pics above, I even managed to vacuum! 😆

Not a bad outcome given I was exhausted from work as the year was drawing to an end, then had to do a whole lot of packing ahead of my upcoming move (spoiler alert – I’m still not finished packing). I’ve picked out the fourth and final fabric to use for the stars and have started making them. Not sure how much I’ll get done in January with there now only being 2.5 weeks to finish my packing, and work starting back tomorrow.

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