A bookish Christmas

I hope you had a great Christmas, if you celebrate it, or end of year holiday, if you don’t.

I disconnected from FaceBook and my phone (all messages and calls) from Saturday morning, through until today (Tuesday). I had planned to stay disconnected today too, but I saw that there were a lot of messages waiting for me so thought I’d better be connect again. One hour later, I was rethinking that decision – it had been so nice not to have my phone constantly buzzing me to answer it.

So what did I do with those almost three days of peace?

Well, Saturday I spent a large chunk of time sorting my books. Well, a third of them. The plan was to sort books that I want to unpack into my single bookcase when I move, versus those that will remain in boxes until I build my new library. Oh, and scanning them into BookBuddy. That big wall of books in the picture below are all for storage. The smaller bundle to the right were for the unpacking boxes. Both of these piles grew when I finished this task today, and I ended up with 4 boxes to store and 5 to unpack – not quite the ratio I needed, but that is what double stacking is for 😆.

I spent some time on Saturday afternoon plying needle and thread while watching a book adaptation on Netflix – Shadow and Bone. You can tell this was made from a YA series, and while I could enjoy it mostly, there is no way I will pick up those books. What bland characters. And you just know that after finally realising she needed to rely on herself to grown her strength, that she’s going to become the helpless little female again. Not sure I’ll watch the next season.

Saturday evening I finished Book 8 of Wheel of Time, just in time for my planned new book start on Christmas Day. And that new book was so good that I finished it this morning – I’ll be posting a review later this week. Spoiler alert: it’s my favourite read of 2022.

Among other things Christmas and Boxing Days, I set up a reading journal for 2023. I have ones for writing reviews, but I found I missed the less structured format I used to use of writing notes in a notebook, with the monthly listings of books I had read. So while I will keep using the review journals until they are completed, I decided to have some fun using my old notes journal to set up something a bit different for the new year. (Sorry for the shadow thrown across all of these – difficult time of the day to take pics in this house)

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand and was originally going to be another day of chilling with books and book-related items. But I have a lot of packing to do today, hence the going from the pile of sorted books shown above to the 9 packed boxes. Tiring stuff. But I was also good and culled out a small pile of books to liberate (post to come).

I forgot… one last bookish thing I did over my Xmas was to collate a list of Fantasy series I have read, and how I sort-of rank them.

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