Routeburn Track – Day 3

This was my last day of hiking and also signalled my the coming end of my time in NZ, as I was due to fly out just two days later. Sad, very sad.

An even worse night’s sleep than the night before, due to an even louder snorer right next to me (despite having my own bunk this time) saw me starting the day early but slowly. A leisurely breakfast followed by some time standing on the hut deck looking out at the view, chatting to the hut warden, and I was ready to start the day.

There was a fast drop down to the valley below

Then a walk just inside the tree line of the valley floor

River crossings

And beautiful coloured water oft times glimpsed through the trees

And the odd water feature

But before long I was at the end of the trail and ready to hop on the bus back to civilisation (Queenstown). And a very large veg burger (the size of a side plate) as my body started to realise just how much exercise it had done in the last 8 days on how little fuel.

Day 3 Flickr album here.

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