Bookshelf spotlight: The Dark Crystal

When I was 11, I took part in a colouring competition at my local Georgie Pie (blast from the past for any fellow kiwis reading this). It was around the time that The Dark Crystal came out and so the picture was very likely The Dark Crystal themed. The prize definitely was. I remember that there was some consternation when I went to pick it up as they didn’t realise I was “so young”. Pretty odd given the book isn’t that big, or difficult to read, or even have scary/dark content. Thankfully, rules are rules – I won it, so I got it. As you can see, it’s gotten a lot of love over the years. I haven’t read it in years though – maybe I should add it to the ever-growing list of rereads for 2023 (something that I can see becoming a theme during this bookshelf spotlight series). Though in this instance, I’m not sure if this copy will survive one more reading.

The great thing about winning the book, is this was back when we rarely went to the movies. So there was no way I was going to get to see the movie. In fact, I don’t think I saw it until years later when it was released on DVD. But I had been able to visit the land many times in the intervening years.

I feel like everyone must know the story of the The Dark Crystal. But just in case there is someone reading this who doesn’t, here’s the book blurb.

In the Castle Of The Dark Crystal, the cruel Skeksis learn with fear of an ancient prophecy: a survivor of the Gelfings will restore The Dark Crystal and destroy their evil power. The story of Jen the Gelfing and his quest now joins the ranks of epic fantasy fiction in this powerful novel of adventure and imagination.

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