Christmas shopping (for me)

I went Christmas shopping with a friend this morning. Well, the idea was Christmas shopping, but I had already bought all the presents I needed to get and my friend only had to pick up a few gift vouchers and stocking stuffers. So we had a leisurely brunch and then mostly went shopping for ourselves instead. It was a bit of a miserable morning, so instead of heading into town, we went to Queensgate Mall where we there was everything under one roof. Including a great little pop-up shop of locally crafted items where I got almost everything except the books.

First up, three delicious candles. Yes, I know there are two that are the “same” scent, but they are a little different and both equally delicious in slightly different ways. The one in the middle is hand-poured in Nelson, and I picked it up at a different shop. The other two are local (Wellington region).

I could have spent soooo much money in that pop-up. But I limited myself to just two more items. This teether for one of my team members who is about to become a new mum – because it was just too cute.

And I couldn’t resist picking up this card.

Partly because he’s super cute, and partly because I couldn’t resist the description for the artwork:

Meet Clyde the River Otter. Clyde was a famous, or rather, and infamous Otter who lived at Wellington Zoo. In 2000, he was relocated to a private zoo for ‘wayward animals’ in Australia after one too may escapes resulted in him being found hiding in a Wellington apartment for nearly a week.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” seems a fitting title for this little rascal.

Nikki McIvor

And of course I had to go into Whitcoulls. I knew I shouldn’t because I am pathologically unable to go into a bookshop and come out without buying any books. But I thought I might see if any of the books on my “to buy” list were on the shelf. There were, but I bought three completely random books instead.

First we have a very interesting Sci-Fi Thriller, The Pharmacist by Rachelle Atalla.

In the end, very few people made it to the bunker. Now they wait there for the outside world to heal. Wolfe is one of the lucky ones. She’s safe and employed as the bunker’s pharmacist, doling out medicine under the watchful eye of their increasingly erratic and paranoid leader.

But when the leader starts to ask things of Wolfe, favours she can hardly say no to, it seems her luck is running out. Forming an unlikely alliance with the young Doctor Stirling, her troubled assistant Levit, and Canavan – a tattooed giant of a man whose purpose in the bunker is a mystery – Wolfe must navigate the powder keg of life underground where one misstep will light the fuse. The walls that keep her safe also have her trapped.

Back of book blurb

Then, one of the staff saw me browsing, and we had a chat about how I was checking books online to make sure they weren’t YA, since there were too many YA books sneaking into the Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy section (she agreed, and said she didn’t know why head office were starting to do it). She then recommended Seveneyes by Neal Stephenson to me.

When a catastrophic even renders the earth a ticking time bomb, it triggers a feverish race against the inevitable. An ambitious plan is devised to ensure the survival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere…

Five thousand years later, the survivors’ progeny embark on another audacious journey into the unknown, to an alien world utterly transformed by cataclysm and time: Earth.

Back of book blurb

As we were looking at books in the mystery section, the cover of The Whispering by Veronica Lando caught my eye. And the blurb sounded pretty interesting too.

The whispering wild will take your child if you dare to look away…

Callum Haffenden swore he’d never return to Granite Creek. But, thirty years after a life-shattering accident, he’s thrust back into the clutches of Far North Queensland and a local legend he worked hard to forget.

When a man goes missing in the rainforest, the past begins to resurface, breathing new life into memories of previous tragedies – two girls lost, seventeen years apart. In a town where it’s easiest to turn a blind eye, the guilt runs deep and everyone in Granite Creek has something to hide.

In his search for answers, Callum fights to keep his feet firmly on the trail as he battles the deafening call of the rainforest burrowing into his ears. After all, everyone knows that the worst things in the rainforest are those unseen.

Back of book blurb

I’m far enough through my commute book that I know I will be able to finish it in the next 1-2 weeks. And I’ve finished my other planned December reading (not counting the book I’m saving for my Xmas read). So I think I might treat myself to starting The Pharmacist or The Whispering today. I’m sure the many unread books on my bookshelves will forgive me šŸ˜†.

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