Bookshelf spotlight: Watership Down

Welcome to the first instalment of my bookshelf spotlight, and Fantasy Friday.

My plan for Fantasy Friday is to start from the books I read first, and lead you through to the now (and the books and series that are on my shelves unread). Remember, these are just the books I have in my bookshelf. If we were to go back to my first fantasy reads it would have to be Narnia and The Magic Faraway Tree series and probably a whole lot I can no longer remember. But those books are long lost amongst the requirement to get rid of 95% of my books when I was 13, before we moved from New Zealand to Australia.

Well, you already know which book from my collection is the one I read the longest ago – titles and feature photos don’t leave much room for mystery. It is, of course, Watership Down by Richard Adams.

I think I first read Watership Down when I was 7. I can figure out general windows of when I read certain books based on which library I remember getting it from, which meant which house we must have lived in, and therefore what age range I was in. Yes, libraries are of course the time landmark (timemark?) – aren’t they for everyone?

The library had a letter on file from my parents giving me permission to access the young adult section where I found this book. I remember the book was heartbreaking but I also loved it. I think I got my own copy when I was about 8 or 9, and probably read it a couple of times. But I don’t think I have read this since I was 11, so I can’t remember very much about it. One to add to the super-long reread list.

When was the last time you read this book? (Because hasn’t everyone read it?)


  1. i admit i have never read it 🙂 then again when i was a young kid growing up in Hong Kong i was reading books in chinese.


    • I’m sure there’s at least one Chinese equivalent where everyone has read. I wonder if they will stand up to a reread decades later. I’m almost hesitant to find out


      • do it and you can tell us how you fid it now reading it as an adult and see if you got something different from it. i have only heard of this book after coming to NZ but just never read it as there always seem to be others i like to read. i admit when i came to NZ as a preteen i was into like sweet valley high books LOL


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