December TBR

I did pretty good with my November reading, finishing Lord of Chaos (book 6 of Wheel of Time) and The Salt Path as planned. I also read about half of A Crown of Swords (book 7 of Wheel of Time). So here are my plans for December.

I’d like to continue my reread of Wheel of Times and finish A Crown of Swords, by Robert Jordan.

And make some headway on that list of past book club books. I was going to finish The Survivors by Jane Harper, but I can’t find my copy. I’m wondering if I lent it to my Aunt who likes Jane Harper, since I wasn’t reading at the time and had plenty of others in my queue. So instead, I’ve chosen Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, by Gabrielle Zevin.

And finally I’d like to finish a cli-fi novel based on the world struggling with strong consequences of climate change: Melt, by Jeff Murray. I started this soon after it was released in 2019, but I think my book club reading overtook it at the time. I’ll need to restart this as I only have vague recollections of what had happened so far.


    • At the moment Melt is seriously depressing, in the “I could see this happening” kind of way. It might be a while after I’ve finished it before I’m ready for another cli-fi


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