November patchwork wrap-up

Back when I used to blog regularly, I loved doing monthly updates, so I thought I’d try reinstating that with the new blog. These updates will be craft focused. Sometimes there might be other things thrown in. We’ll see what takes my fancy.

So, what did I achieve in November. Quite a bit actually. I cut and attached all the black and white pieces for the sides of my modified Dream Catcher, which I posted here. And I also got a good amount more done on my William Morris Galaxy – an informal QAL I’m doing with a friend. We both dip in and out of working on it as we have other focus projects. We both had amazing Morris fabric collections and wanted to start to use it, so sat down and looked through the patterns we had between us, to choose our first one. Galaxy, by Lilabelle Lane was the winner. While most people make this quilt using EPP (English Paper Piecing), we’re of course hand piecing (with running stitch) as that is so much more enjoyable. Plus faster.

This month I added the light blue joining pieces to the four blocks I had completed previously;

Turned two stars into blocks;

And made 5 new stars, and started turning these into blocks.

That last photo took a while to get as Shadow wanted to play. Here are the bloopers…

I’m loving how these are turning out. I do need to put it aside though, no matter how tempting it is to continue as I am so close to finishing my modified Dream Catcher. I’d really like to have that quilt top finished by the end of the year.


  1. oh you are using different prints for the sim pieces as well. that makes it look even better, is every block going to have different sim prints?


    • I have seven fabrics I think and they’ll be used for the sims. So I’m making 6 stars of each print and each will use a different fabric for the sims


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