The Salt Path

Within a few days, Moth is diagnosed with a terminal illness and Raynor and Moth lose the court battle to keep their home. The former is incredibly sad. The latter, is anger inducing, as it is a classic example of the legal system letting people down. But these were my reactions, not those of Moth and Raynor. Their reactions were more. More everything. How do you handle your entire life falling apart? In this memoir, we see just what Moth and Raynor decided to do.

Walking the South West Coast Path is a tough challenge, but when you add in being near destitute and having to wild camp with very little food, that takes it to a whole new level. And on top of that, having to deal with coming to terms with Moth’s diagnosis. But it seems like this is just exactly what they needed. And the journey allowed for growing in strength, both physically and mentally. Allowing Raynor to slowly move from denial …

“They don’t talk to you about it because it’s you that has the problem, not them. They talk to me. We’ve talked frankly about it all. It’s going to be hard, it is hard, but they’re strong. It’s changing us all, and if you just try to face it, then maybe we can all cope”


to acceptance.

It had been said; death had been acknowledged. He would fight, but eventually he’d lose. Moth had been strong enough to see this from the start; now I was calm enough to know it was true and let it be. We lay…, and let death in. And life came with it. The jagged, shattered, lost fragments of our lives slowly, mercurially drawn back together.

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