The end of stripes

I have finally reached the end of the stripes in my modified Dream Catcher. Yay!!!!! Man were those units boring.

Modified Dreamcatcher with just the half hexagon border to go.

Sorry, it’s not the best photo. I’m a little limited with where and how I can take photos in my current house – am so looking forward to the much better options when I move back to Rotorua.

With the completion of those stripe and spot side pieces, the final fabric amount required for each of those comes to:

  • Lineworks Poms in ink, 1.5m
  • Lineworks Stripes in paper, 3m

You can see the rest of the fabric requirements in my previous post about this quilt, together with a selection of progress pics to date.

Now I just have the half hexagons to complete. I know what I am doing with those and I think (hope) it will look good. I need to make some templates to start those, because of course they are going to be pieced half hexagons, and constructed completely differently from any of the hexagons the templates from the pattern could make. Yes, both half hexagon types need different templates – I can’t make it easy for myself can I.

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